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Other Industries

Other Industries

Other Industries

We support your projects in robotics, automated inspections and data processing for other industries

Whether you look for an automated inspection solution for other assets such as wind turbines or ship hull, or you need 3rd party expertise for your internal project, we have expertise and capabilities to answer your challenges.

Our solution and technical capabilities can be easily adapted to other industries with similar pain points to the aerospace industry.

Our expertise

Navigation in complex environments

Sensor integration and
data acquisition

Advanced computer vision and AI

Use Cases

Automated warehouse management

We have capabilities and expertise to help you automate your warehouse inventory thanks to robotics and automated code bar reading.

Yearly wind turbine routine inspection

Our drone can easily and automatically access the top of wind turbines onshore or offshore to acquire pictures of all sides of 3 blades. The image analysis software makes the annotation process easy, with precise location of each defect.

Inspection of blades prior delivery to customer

Our solution helps to inspect blades stored on the ground outdoor to ensure quality and assess condition status before delivery to the final customer.

External ship hull inspection

Regular inspections of navy external hull are key to ensure vessels structural integrity and avoid fatal incidents.We can adapt our drone and software to automate inspections, making them safer, faster and more reliable.

Cargo tank inspection

We can help you to develop a complete solution including automated drone and image analysis software to detect corrosion, deformation, dents and any other damages. Save costs, reduce ship immobilization time, improve safety and quality of inspections.

Space launcher inspection

Sky is the limit! We can adapt our automated drone solution to inspect rocket ship before launch or after return for reusable launch systems.

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