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Military Aircraft

Military Aircraft

Military Aircraft

Increase availability of military fleet

Military aircraft are subject to many hazards due to low-level flying, in-flight refuelling or loading and unloading during ground operations.
Whether on their home base or during operational deployments, fleet availability and good aircraft condition are key to guarantee efficiency and safety of operations.

Donecle provides an automated drone inspection solution to inspect combat, transport and other military aircraft quickly and safely.

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Time savings

Quickly validate aircraft readiness and decrease operational maintenance costs


Increase safety of inspection procedures with personnel staying on ground to assess aircraft condition


Build digital aircraft history to follow evolution of fleet over time and anticipate maintenance tasks


After a quick training, your team is fully autonomous to use the drone whenever needed

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Main Use Cases


Scheduled maintenance at air force depot


Routine and pre-flight inspections


Post-flight inspection after in-flight refuelling


Increase inspection frequency in harsh environment

Photo credits: ©Staff Sgt. Annie Edwards; © Dassault Aviation – C.Cosmao; © Donecle; © DGA – Direction générale de l’armement (Directorate General of Armaments)

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