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Improve the efficiency of your automated inspections

Iris drones

We believe that drones should meet the high standard of specific tasks when it comes to inspection. At Donecle, we offered custom-made drones since 2015 to ensure reliable operations.

After the takeoff of our first automated UAV in 2019, we launched in 2022 our new Iris family with two new autonomous platforms designed for visual and 3D inspections of aircraft and their components, such as landing gear and engines.

Our drones are suitable for deployment across civil, military, and business jet aircraft, making them the perfect choice for any organization looking for automated, accurate, high-quality inspections.

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Iris GVI

Donecle designed the Iris GVI drone for automated visual inspection of aircraft structure and components. This is the only drone listed in an aircraft manufacturer’s AMM (Aircraft Maintenance Manual) to perform automated checks with UAVs.

Furthermore, its high-resolution camera, capable of 24px/mm2, enables the drone to perform automated indoor and outdoor inspections. Discover our robust, reliable, and highly efficient drone to enhance your maintenance activities and digitize your operations.

Iris GVI flies in various applications:
For aircraft structure :

  • Unscheduled inspections (lightning strike, bird strike, hard impact…)
  • Scheduled inspections (A, B, C checks, corrosion, deterioration…)
  • Paint & placard
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For aircraft components (landing gear, engines) :

  • Detect top quality escapes
  • Identify entry/exit differences
  • Reduce warranty claims
  • Ensure configuration control
  • Extract serial numbers


Iris dentCHECK

Donecle and 8tree have joined their expertise and capabilities to offer a solution outside the box. This innovation is about combining an automated drone and 8tree’s dentCHECK® 3D sensor. This unique technology can detect and measure dents and buckles on the surface of the aircraft 50 times faster than manual methods.

dentCHECK®, the industry’s standard for digitalized dent mapping, slashes dent-mapping/ reporting times by 90%* and is 25x more consistent in measuring depth.

*compared to traditional methods

The Iris dentCHECK drone is flying around aircraft specifics zone:

  • Flaps, slats
  • Radome
  • Doors
  • Fuselage
  • Etc…

During its autonomous flight, the 3D sensor detects and measures dents down to 0.1mm depth accuracy.

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Do you want to streamline your operations with drone-based automated 3D dent-mapping ?

Developed and validated in the military sector on the Rafale aircraft, we are starting a pilot program in civil aviation. This pilot program is open to all operators in Europe willing to test the automated inspection for dent detection and measurement.

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