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OEMs and other aerospace applications

OEMs and other aerospace applications

OEMs and other aerospace applications

Improve quality and traceability of airframe checks

We offer adapted solutions for aircraft and helicopter OEMs, paint shops and other actors of the value chain during final assembly line inspection, quality check before delivery, or for warranty proof.

Our automated drone solution enables fast reliable and complete inspection of aircraft external surface, providing objective data of the aircraft status.

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Improve quality of inspections with reliable and repeatable checks

Process efficiency

Reduce production lead times thanks to quick automated visual inspections

Objective data

Data storage and digital history to follow evolution over time opening the door for predictive maintenance



Quality inspection in final assembly line and prior to delivery

Paint shop

Pre-delivery inspection of paint wear for warranty


Monitor rotary-wing aircraft condition and improve traceability


Photo credits: Dassault Falcon Service ; Copyright Dassault Aviation – C.Cosmao ; Airbus S.A.S

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