Business Jets

Business Jets

Business Jets

Enhance quality and efficiency of inspections and aircraft availability

Through their lifetime, business jets are subject to risks such as lightning strikes, impacts due to improper ground handling, corrosion, scratches, paint deterioration and other damages due to airframe aging. When outstanding quality and reduced aircraft downtime are paramount to satisfy very demanding customers, this is even more challenging.

Our solution enables complete and fast visual inspection of external surface, damage detection and automated report to keep traceability of inspections based on reliable, objective data.

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Improve quality of inspections with reliable and repeatable checks


Increase safety of workers and of aircraft integrity: no need to climb on top of the structure

Aircraft availability

Reduce service downtime thanks to quick automated visual inspections


Data storage and digital history to follow evolution of fleet condition over time

They trust us: Dassault Falcon Services

The drone system provides a useful safety check on the airplane, but also a safety enhancement for the maintenance team, because it eliminates the need to climb on top of airframe structures, not to mention the potential to do inadvertent damage to the airframe.

Jean KayanakisWorldwide SVP Falcon Customer Service & Service Center Network, Dassault Aviation

Learn more on what is Dassault Falcon Service expecting from Donecle drone inspections on Dassault Falcon blog.

Main Use Cases

Entry and exit inspections during scheduled maintenance
Quick effective visual inspection after incident


Pre-flight / Post-flight Inspection


General Visual Inspections during base maintenance


Placards check

Photo credits: Dassault Falcon Service ; Dassault Aviation – C.Cosmao

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