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Airlines & MROs

Airlines & MROs

Airlines & MROs

Improve the efficiency of your aircraft inspections

Throughout their lifespan aircraft have to be visually inspected during planned maintenance, as requested by manufacturers, or after unscheduled events such as lightning strikes. This is a long, costly, dangerous process.

We offer an automated drone solution enabling quick, safe and reliable inspections, combining drone technology with an intuitive damage annotation software.
Our solution is operational on Airbus, Boeing and Embraer narrowbody families.

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Time savings

One drone flight, several job cards;
Inspect a narrowbody in less than 1 hour


Stay safe on ground and let the drone access aircraft upper surfaces


All data and past reports stored on the cloud and easy to share, no more paper


After a quick training, your team is fully autonomous to use the drone whenever needed

They trust us

Use Cases



Speed up and increase reliability of aircraft visual inspections

Lightning Strikes


Reduce turnaround time and AOG costs after a lightning strike



Increase efficiency of marking and placard checks

Paint evaluation


Improve objectivity of paint wear evaluation and efficiency of warranty claims

End of lease


Anticipate repairs and keep objective proofs of aircraft condition

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Learn more about our solution

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Benefits of drone vs manual inspection

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