Improve the efficiency of your aircraft inspections

Improve the efficiency of your aircraft inspections

Use cases

Aircraft are inspected visually on a regular basis to ensure their airworthiness. Scheduled and unscheduled visual inspections are always a long, costly process.
Explore our different use cases and learn how you can benefit from Donecle’s technology to optimize your maintenance process.
Whether you are an Airline, a MRO, a Lessor or an aircraft manufacturer, we have the solution to inspect your aircraft faster and more efficiently.

Lightning Strike

General Visual Inspections

Marking Check

Paint Quality



Reduce turnaround time and AOG costs after a lightning strike


When an aircraft is struck by lightning, it has to be grounded for inspection until the entry/exit points are found.

This takes several hours and leads to operational losses for operators.

Our solution

Complete automated inspection and detection of lightning strike impacts with Donecle drone and image analysis software in less than 2h ensuring rapid aircraft availability.

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<2 hours

instead of 6 to 12 hours for manual inspection

Get your aircraft back in the air,
where it belongs


Speed up and increase reliability of aircraft visual inspections


During C Checks, early detection of defects during zonal inspections (GVI) is key to ensure on-time repairs and aircraft delivery.

Aircraft visual inspections are a long, costly and subjective process, depending on inspectors’ expertise and experience. Accurately locating defects in relation to aircraft coordinates is challenging.

This can lead to last-minute job card updates, missing information when communicating with OEMs, or claims from the operator or lessor during aircraft release and end-of-lease periods.

Our solution

Automated drone inspection when aircraft enters the hangar delivers a detailed and objective inspection report. Damage charts are swiftly updated and repairs can be planned on time.

Precise positioning of all defects vs frames & stringers enables reliable follow-up and objective comparison of aircraft status over time. This guarantees an up-to-date damage mapping chart for faster and more reliable inspections.

For MROs, the solution provides an objective visual proof for your customers during end-of-lease checks.

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<2 hours

instead of 6 hours for manual GVI

Objective, exhaustive inspections


Increase efficiency of marking and placard checks


With 150 to 300 external placards to be checked manually on a narrowbody aircraft, regulatory marking inspections are a long process with low added value.

Infringement of regulation due to invalid or missing markings can lead to fines and even to aircraft grounding.

Labour shortage challenge leads to focus on high added value tasks.

Our solution

Automated inspection and report providing status of all markings and placards (presence and integrity) in less than 1 hour with direct retrieval of P/Ns for reordering.

Donecle helps make placard checks faster and objective, contributing to a paperless workflow and ensuring compliance with aviation authorities ramp audit.

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AOG risk

Eliminate indirect costs
and inspection burden


Improve objectivity of paint quality evaluation and efficiency of paint claims


Excessive loss of paint and gloss can have a direct impact on airflow, leading to more drag and ultimately to higher fuel burn.

Today there is no objective data to evaluate paint quality across the fleet and prioritise aircraft repainting. This lack of objective data also makes claims to paint shops more complicated to support.

Our solution

In less than 1hour, Donecle automatically collects images of aircraft surface and maps density of rivet & screw rash on airframe.

It provides consistent, objective paint condition assessment to efficiently track excessive loss of skin wear, prioritise aircraft requiring repainting and trigger warranty claims with OEMs/paint shops.

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Paint planning optimization

Fuel burn reduction


Keep reliable and objective track of past visual inspections


Aircraft visual inspection is still a manual process with limited tracking of past damage reports.

Analysis can be incomplete or subjective: it is hard to determine how a damage has evolved from a previous check if it was misreported initially.

Our solution

Our solution provides a complete and objective analysis of all damages identified with precise location in airframe structural coordinates.

All data and reports from past inspections are then automatically stored on a secure cloud platform. It guarantees full traceability of aircraft status over time, building a digital history of each airplane.

Our cloud platform allows simple follow up and comparison of defects from one inspection to another.

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Aircraft digital history

Paperless process

Other use cases

Donecle’s unique technology can serve multiple other applications and lead to many additional benefits:
▸ End-of-lease checks: smoother interaction with lessors and operators
▸ Paint schedule optimization in collaboration with appearance department
▸ Etc.
You have a specific use case that you want to submit to us? Let’s work together!