100% Automation


Laser technology

Donecle’s proprietary laser technology enables precise positioning of our drones, both inside maintenance hangars and outdoors.
Our system uses no GPS, beacons or other external installation: all sensors are onboard the drone.

No pilot

Donecle’s drones are fully automated, requiring no certified pilot to operate the system.
Launching an inspection is as simple as selecting your aircraft type, setting the drone next to the aircraft and hitting “Go”.

Swarm capability

Need to scan your aircraft faster or scan a large widebody?
Our system is capable of operating multiple drones simultaneously, allocating individual inspection missions for greater efficiency.

Smart camera gimbal

Our camera gimbal is automatically piloted to follow the aircraft’s curvature to provide crisp images all around.
Whether inspecting the fuselage, engine nacelles or the underside of the horizontal tailplane pictures will always be orthogonal to the aircraft surface.

100% automation (no pilot)
Centimetric positionning
Automated defect detection
Obstacle detection
Hardware redundancy



…detection and location of defects on the aircraft skin

Image analysis

…on the fly, no lengthy post-processing required

Machine learning

…enables algorithms to improve with every inspection

Cloud platform

…secure upload enables remote access to inspection data and reports