AFI KLM E&M renewing cooperation

Pioneer in the MRO world for integrating drone inspections in maintenance activities, AFI KLM E&M has just renewed the cooperation with Donecle.


Drone vs Manual Inspections

Discover the benefits of Donecle's drone inspection vs manual inspections


LATAM selects Donecle’s automated drone for aircraft inspections

Automated aircraft inspections

Optimize your maintenance process, reduce workload, increase safety and traceability


AAR to adopt Donecle’s automated drone

Donecle's solution selected by North American independant MRO leader


Aircraft inspections by drones

Make aircraft inspections faster, safer and more reliable


Donecle recognized in the top innovators of the French Tech

Turn data into actionable insights

Visualise pictures, analyse defects and generate inspection reports



Automating your aircraft inspections

The way visual inspections are being done has not evolved for 40 years. They are time-consuming, access to upper areas is challenging and repeatability as well as traceability of inspections are limited.

Donecle offers a solution to inspect aircraft 10 times faster than current inspections methods. Our unique technology combines 100% automated drone and image analysis algorithms to detect defects on the aircraft skin.

Donecle drone

We reduce by 10 the time of aircraft visual inspections

Find out how

What we bring


  • Automated image acquisition with drone
  • Complete inspection in less than 1 hour


  • Automated image analysis and damage reports
  • 1 drone flight, multiple use cases and job cards


  • Objective, consistent and repeatable inspections
  • Digital aircraft history and paperless process

How we do it

No pilot

Thanks to its laser technology our drone does not require any pilot or GPS signal and can scan the aircraft surface automatically

Image analysis

Pictures are integrated and analysed in our software to generate reports for various types of inspections

Data storage

We store data and reports from past inspections on our cloud platform to build digital history



Speed up and increase reliability of aircraft visual inspections

Lightning Strikes


Reduce turnaround time and AOG costs after a lightning strike



Increase efficiency of marking and placard checks