Laser scan
Aircraft laser point cloud
Laser scan
Laser scanner simulation
Smart Camera
Smart camera

Swarm technology

Our system uses multiple intelligent drones to scan large structures for possible defects. The ground station automatically allocates the inspection missions to efficiently use the available UAVs and thus speed up inspection.

Laser positioning

Donecle’s UAV swarm is 100% autonomous, so does not need a trained pilot. Our unique laser technology (patents pending) provides extremely precise positioning of the drones both outdoors and indoors (inside hangars, tunnels or other enclosed areas), without using GPS or beacons. Each UAV can independently estimate its position relative to the environment using embedded sensors and processing power.

We can forecast the performance and robustness of our laser positioning algorithms using a real-time hardware-in-the-loop (HIL) simulator. This platform offers extended performance and safety assessments at minimal risk and cost.

Real-time image processing

Our solution can detect and locate defects on an aircraft or other large structures in real time. Our integrated image acquisition system, onboard processing capabilities and lightweight algorithms ensure data is analysed on the fly during the inspection.

We provide high-definition images with precise metadata including associated camera position, orientation and distance to surface. This facilitates integration with existing software suites. We offer our partners secure cloud storage with high potential for data analysis and predictive maintenance.

Integrated sense & avoid

Finally, our sense & avoid technology guarantees the safety of the aircraft and any personnel in the vicinity. Software and hardware fail-safe functions along with redundancy features are embedded on each drone to mitigate any possible system failure.