Aircraft inspections


After every lightning strike, you lose the financial equivalent of two Miami-Atlanta return flights
Every year, every aircraft
Every commercial aircraft is hit by lightning once a year on average
250,000 hours and $2 billion wasted
Airlines waste 250,000 flight hours on post-lightning strike inspections, incurring over $2 billion in maintenance costs and lost revenue
The human eye is not fail-safe
Even the most qualified inspector’s verdict is subjective – a defect that is acceptable to one may be rejected by another
Lightning is unpredictable
After a lightning strike, your maintenance unit has to reallocate technical and human resources urgently to inspect the aircraft and put it back in the air as soon as possible


Donecle automates a variety of aircraft visual inspections. Our system enables airlines and MROs to acquire images from all parts of the aircraft quickly and without deploying heavy equipment. Our onboard sensors and processing capabilities detect and localize a variety of defect on the aircraft and can be customized for specific client applications.

Airlines – Donecle offers you two additional Paris-London return flights for every inspection. By drastically decreasing your aircraft’s downtime from 8 hours to 20 minutes, Donecle puts your aircraft back in the air in no time.

MROs – Donecle frees up your hangar, your personnel and your equipment. Do not let unscheduled inspections dictate how you allocate your resources. Carry out lightning-fast inspections and keep your teams and equipment on higher added-value missions.


Donecle is one of the first operators worldwide currently allowed to operate drones in airport airspace and has obtained authorisations to inspect aircraft both inside and outside maintenance hangars.

Our solution has been successfully trialled on in-service commercial aircraft. We have conducted several hundred UAV flights to inspect both narrow– and widebody types and are working with partner airlines and aircraft maintenance companies to deploy the first units of our autonomous UAV inspection system in 2017.

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